Update 1.0.8

A new update for the game has been released with fixes for the below issues.

-Made it so the cassette tape couldn't be opened over the globe.
-Fixed the issues where you could do things like walk, interact with hotspots, or talk to people, with certain letters opened
-Added more clarity to the dialogue after finding the incriminating letters
-Removed the instance where it said "Need a New Dialogue Here" After running a dialogue with Helen
-Fixed the issue where a character would not appear, but speak to the player anyways
-Fixed the issue that a second phone conversation with Kevin that is identical to the first could happen
-Solved the issue where the song playing at the end of the game, runs while the music for the credits play

If anyone finds any bugs or issues let us know at st.christophershelp@gmail.com

Classroom Graffiti Productions

P.S. Apologies for the previous dev log not posting. However, that was some minor bug fixes, and for more details on can check the Steam announcements page


St Christopher's School Lockdown.rar 773 MB
Version 13 Oct 20, 2017
the-st-christophers-school-lockdown-windows.zip 769 MB
Version 12 Oct 20, 2017
SteamBuilds.zip 827 MB
Version 14 Oct 21, 2017

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